About us

Who are we? Just two small-town Tennessee mountain girls with a shared passion - The Royals! The Royal Box was born when the two of us decided we wanted to branch out and turn our passions into our job!


👸🏻 Susanne

I have been interested in all things British since I was a teenager! My favorite Royal is Princess Diana. I love her compassion, fearlessness, and giving spirit. I can still remember hearing about her death and getting up early to watch her funeral on TV. I'm a huge Jane Austen fan as well, and a hopeless romantic. I will take any excuse to dress up (Like getting all dolled up and going to a local Pub at 5 am to watch Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding)


👸🏼 Carrie

Hi all! A bit about me - I love all things history, and who has the best history of all? Britain of course! I was introduced to Princess Diana by my great grandmother "Mamaw Hopson" when she gave me a Diana doll in '97 following her death. I also love Doctor Who and Harry Potter... so pretty much all the British things. (My master bedroom is Chic Harry Potter with a British Royal Master closet.... my husband is really thrilled about it.) I'm thrilled to be sharing this passion with all of you!

Cheers! Carrie & Susanne